Friday, September 27, 2013

Best Laid Plans.

Oh the children, sometime I don't know why I try. Probably because I love them like crazy.

This week we started solids with Adam. We're going the hippy-fied "baby led weaning" route, which basically means you put small chunks of vegetables and fruit in front of your kid and let them have at it. If they eat, they eat, if they don't, they don't. But they eat what you're eating as appropriate, and in small enough chunks, and they learn how to feed themselves at the same time. We didn't do cereal for very long with Ellie - she didn't like it, and it caused some bad back ups in her system, so I'm skipping it completely with Adam. On Wednesday night we gave him some small pieces of avocado. He enjoyed squishing them and pushing them around, and then we helped him get a bite in his mouth.

As you can see, he's not that into it. Oh well. We will try another time, and then move on to other foods to see how he does. Starting solids is a funny thing - it seems like it should be so fun, but it's mostly a lot of work and extra clean up, and it's more for taste and experience and less about nutrition. So we'll see how he does.

Meanwhile, today was Ellie's first dance class. We decided to take a break from music class and see if the girls would like to learn some sweet dance moves, and thankfully there was a class at the community center. Both Ellie and Lexi missed the first class last week, but we hoped they'd be willing to jump in. Yeah... not so much. First off, Ellie fell in the parking lot and busted her lip, so there was a ton of screaming about that. I got her calmed down and into the right shoes (tap shoes) but she was only in with the teacher for a few minutes before she got sent out for being hysterical. It's about ten little girls and this week they weren't having the parents sit in. I tried reasoning with Ellie, bribing her, showing her the classroom through the window, pointing out what a big girl Lexi was being, but it was all for naught. She just sobbed and sobbed about how she didn't want to do it. She wanted to go home. I even pulled over half way home and held her for awhile to see if she would consent to going back, and she just begged to go home. I ended up calling and unenrolling her so I can get the class fee back, because I figure it's better to wait and maybe try again in a few months than spend the next eight weeks having her freak out every Friday morning.

She looks so cute though!
Maybe she can be a tap dancing bunny for Halloween.

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