Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Been kind of a crazy day around here. Woke up because Ellie had an accident. Then Thor peed all over me out of sheer terror when we were getting him ready for a return trip to the vet to check his glucose. Poor guy. Poor me. My poor washing machine.

But we've managed since. Went for a walk, got an over tired Adam to take a nap and then Ellie helped me clean the bathroom and make biscuits.

She loves to help.

Meanwhile, we are starting to gear up for our trip to Tahoe this weekend, where we will see Jacob become an Ironman. When we originally booked our hotel all they had available was a room with two queen beds or the Presidential Suite. I, being an optimist, booked the single room and figured we'd make do, but as the date approaches, I was beginning to claw my skin off at the thought of four of us in one room for four days. Don and Eileen have a suite, but there's no guarantee that they'd be near us and that we'd be able to use a baby monitor or what have you. I imagined Tim and I getting ready for bed at 9pm and laying silently in bed, willing both children to close their eyes and go to sleep. But thankfully, I called to follow up and they said they had a suite available! Not a valley view, but a forest view. As if I care - at this point I'd be ready to take the Presidential suite even if it meant selling an organ to do so (surely some Ironman contestant would need a kidney after what they put their body through.) We leave on Thursday morning and will drive drive drive until we arrive there, or until I get out of the car and give up, laying down in a ditch of dirty water by the side of the road. GO ON WITHOUT ME, FAMILY.

I just enjoy my quiet time and my space, and family vacations are not the best places to find such things. It's going to be great though. I've never been to Tahoe and everyone has been telling me how great it is.

I call this series "chit chat with old dudes."

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