Thursday, September 19, 2013

We Made It!

We were locked and loaded in our little Honda Fit by 7:30am this morning. Traveling with babies requires a lot of gear. We stopped and got donuts and as we pulled on the freeway Ellie yelled "daddy, you have a stinky butt" and then was impressed when she made me laugh. "Do you think I'm funny mommy?" Yes. Crude, but funny (my favorite kind of funny, really.)

We could not have asked for better travelers. The drive took us close to 11 hours, but it went better than I expected. We basically drive until Adam falls asleep and wakes up again. Stop at the closest gas station or restaurant (and there are not many on the 395 through the middle of nowhere) and then I'd feed him, Tim and Ellie would go get snacks and beverages and gas, and then I'd go to the bathroom and Ellie and I would do stretching and jumping jacks before we got back in the car. Adam would chat to himself, fall asleep and then wake up. Lather rinse repeat on a two hour schedule.

Ellie did remarkably well. She listened to music, colored many, many pictures and watched a little bit of a movie (only forty five minutes or so.) She really was happiest just drawing and chatting. Our hotel is quite nice, and we arrived in time for pizza with the crew, and then Ellie and I went down to the pool and had a nice swim and then a group bath (everyone but Tim.) Ellie is now on an air mattress and Adam is in his fun cage in the other room while Tim and I sit and enjoy the silence - hopefully they don't wake each other up all night.

Other than the Ironman on Sunday, we have no plans. I am trying to just relax and be in "vacation mode." If the kids sleep, they sleep, if they don't, we can nap. We have nothing to do and all day to do it in, and the scenery is beautiful.

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