Friday, October 4, 2013

Skinny Bones Jones.

Yesterday was Adam's six month well baby check up. The past few weeks, I've been thinking how different he is from Ellie at this age - his stubborn refusal to sit up, his love of rolling everywhere, and how thin he is in comparison. At six months, Ellie was like a bunch of tires stacked together. Bathing her meant making sure we soaped and dried in between every roll. Even though she wore sunscreen in the pool, her fat little arms got tan, and she had stripes of white in the center of each roll where the sun couldn't reach. She was so cute and chunky and delicious. Adam is delicious too, but in a different way. He's got chubby thighs but that's about it. Well, turns out that at six months, he is over an inch taller than Ellie was, AND over a pound and a half smaller. No wonder he doesn't look as roly poly! I guess we know for sure that he's Tim's kid.

The doctor pronounced him perfect, and so we're just going to continue doing what we're doing. Eating people food continues to disgust him, but we'll keep offering. I think he'll enjoy it more when he does a better job of sitting up in his high chair. And I'm not worried - Ellie was also a better eater once she could feed herself bits of things.

Tomorrow morning Adam and I are off to North Carolina for a wedding. One of my college girlfriends is getting hitched and a couple of us are going and sharing a hotel room (well, a suite. No one wants to share a room with a baby) and a rental car. When I told Tim I was thinking of going without him, he said "that's fine, enjoy your Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants." Sadly though, I have to take ol' Skinny-kins with me. At first I thought I'd leave him at home, but as much hassle as it is to travel with a baby, it'd be worse to try and leave him. I'd have to leave so much milk behind and/or hope he'd take formula, I'd have to pump while I was gone, and he doesn't take a bottle or a sippy cup that well. Not to mention two small kids are a lot to deal with by yourself if you're not used to doing it. Tim's a great dad, but it's always easier for me because I can nurse Adam with one hand and entertain Ellie with the other. Or go to my parents house and hide in the closet while they entertain the kids! So we'll see how it all shakes out. Adam and I have a lay over, which will actually be good because he can be awake for awhile and get some energy out and then maybe sleep both flights. Ellie has a birthday party to go to and Great Lisa is in town, so she should be good. She and Tim can work on playing video games together - she calls the controller the "butterfly."

Meanwhile, this morning we went for a run and then went to "teeter totter park" by Gigi's house and had a picnic, which was a blast. Ellie was so cute in her hat and sunglasses, and so excited to be on an adventure. When we got there, she said sadly "oh, we don't have a picnic blanket!" You should have seen her face when I showed her the blanket I keep in my car for just such an emergency! Not that she sat on it long - long enough to eat half a sandwich and then run to the teeter totter.

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