Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Check Ups.

Today was Ellie's three year visit. Adam came along because he's a baby and can't stay home alone, and also because he was due for a shot he missed at his six month check up. So, fun for everyone.

Ellie was really nervous as we walked in, but warmed up remarkably quickly. She's 38.25 inches tall (80th percentile) and almost 36 pounds (90th percentile) and meeting all of her milestones. She enjoyed chatting with the doctor and having her examine Smelly Cat. Then there was a lot of sadness around the fact that she doesn't need to get a shot. Seriously.

Then poor Adam, who wasn't scheduled for a real check up, got three shots. He was less than pleased, but in his good natured way, stopped the second I picked him up. And I was thankful that Ellie didn't freak out about it. She just wanted to see his band aids.

Now Adam won't go back until nine months, and Ellie won't need to go back until four. I feel so grateful to have two healthy, perfect kiddos. We've been lucky in that apart from Adam's early visits to double check his jaundice, we haven't ever had to take the kids for a sick visit, or make an emergency room trip for any reason. Nothing more than the average stomach flu or occasional runny  nose. May we be fortunate to have that streak stay unbroken!

Here is a video of both kids yesterday, post-nap.

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