Friday, October 25, 2013

Seven Months.

Yes, he is the most dapper, well dressed baby you know. If it's not a tuxedo, it's suspenders. This is actually the first piece of clothing I bought for Adam, after looking through many racks for many weeks, wondering sadly why boy clothes are so boring and/or ugly. I think he wears it well, even if he probably won't wear it for long, since he continues to grow like a weed.

We had our family pictures taken this past week and while Adam was barely able to stay stable long enough for a couple of sitting pictures, he was strong up on his hands and toes trying to crawl, crawl, crawl when we laid him down. I can't leave him alone in the living room any more, as he immediately goes for Ellie's puzzles, the receiver, or the electrical cords in the corner. He is a determined little boy. Feeding solid food is going better - both carrots and squash are meeting with his approval, mostly because he can suck them off the spoon with the same mechanics he uses for nursing. It's funny how different the two kiddos are - with Adam he does best if I feed him in his room, with the shades drawn and lots of quiet. He's so easily distracted, whereas you could have sent a marching band past Ellie and she wouldn't have looked up from nursing. He is willing to go to sleep on his own however, and so he's got a point on E that way.

He's been a drooly mess for the past few weeks, and then today I realized that a bottom tooth has started breaking through the gums. Teething adventures 2.0 begin!

Yes, that is an enormous ribbon of drool.

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