Monday, October 7, 2013

Frequent Fliers.

We made it back and forth to North Carolina with very few hiccups. Really, the only problem is that as we pulled up to the airport, I realized I had forgotten to pack extra diapers. I mean, three diapers should have been enough for two days, what was I thinking? The good news is that they have stores in NC, so we were able to get Adam some new pants for his butt. The bad news is I bought a brand I normally don't buy, and he ended up being three for three for blowing out his shorts, including going as soon as we were airborne on the first leg of the trip home.

I am so glad we went. Penny's wedding was small and intimate and beautiful, and it was such a fun weekend with my girls. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, so I'm glad everyone made the haul out to Greensboro, and I definitely appreciate them being willing to share a hotel and a rental car with Adam and I. He was a trouper through all the festivities, falling asleep in the ergo, keeping the fussing to a minimum, and generally being the cutest ever. One of the sweetest moments was when I'd gone to hit the dessert table and from across the courtyard I could hear Adam screaming with laughter as Anne loved on him.

He was a wonderful, handsome date.

Here he is at DFW, getting his wiggles out. He was really good until about the last hour of our last flight. He was full, his ears were popped but he was so, so tired. I think, like most of us, he was just tired of being cramped like a sardine. I'm willing to bet money that if I'd been able to lay him in a crib, he would have rolled over, sucked his thumb and fallen asleep (which he did as soon as we got home.)

Meanwhile, Tim and Ellie survived well together, despite her telling me Friday night that she didn't love me, and telling me on Sunday morning that I wasn't her mother (!) Saturday they went to Lexi's birthday party and reports were that it was fun and the cupcakes were delicious.

Then on Sunday she had QUITE the day - Mimi and Pa took her to Disneyland for her very first visit. Three trips on Small World, several trips on the tea cups, and a good review from all attendees. I am a little sad to have missed it, but I'm glad everyone had such a great time. And that they didn't miss me too very much.

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