Thursday, October 31, 2013


Finally, we had a great Halloween with some legitimate trick or treating!

When we started talking about Halloween, Ellie said she wanted to be a bunny (figures.) I thought that would be an easy costume to put together, since she already has her bunny vest from last year, and we also have plenty of bunny ears that she could wear. I thought it would be funny if Adam was a carrot, and so asked Jill to make a carrot hat for him. She came through with an entire carrot costume, with a little body stocking for him to wear and a little worm friend for him to love on (and he does love that worm - thank goodness it's machine washable.)

I mean look at him! He has roots, he has some great green stalky leaves!

...And then of course, Ellie decided she wanted to be a kitten. Thank goodness right about that time, she got a kitten shaped hat as a birthday present from Parissa. And Gigi found her that cute leopard print dress at Children's Orchard (which will also come in handy if she ever wants to be Pebbles for another Halloween.)

And I have a second, smaller black cat hat to ensure that they could have matching costumes if they wanted.

This morning she had her Halloween parade at preschool. I was not there because she continues to be a little melt-down prone at drop off, and her teacher thought it would be better for all involved. Then after her nap we took Sara back to Gigi's and practiced a tiny bit of trick or treating with the neighbors. We headed back to our 'hood for a trip out with our new neighbor friend Alexa, who is a few months older than Ellie and has a baby brother a few months younger than Adam. Perfect! We've been able to hang out with them a few times (after I saw them jogging on the same trail a couple of times and then saw them in my neighborhood and so decided to hunt them down) and it's been really nice to finally find people with kids the same age in our area, as many of the owners on our street are original owners, or have kids who are school aged.

Ellie and Alexa were quite the little pair. They walked holding hands and fought over who got to ring each door bell, and then they were both very good about saying trick or treat (and more importantly, saying thank you.) Having not been trick or treating in recent years, I hadn't really thought through how it would go. A couple of houses had scary displays that freaked the girls out a little. One house was the best - the guy opened the door and his excited pug ran outside and jumped on both girls. They got scared and fell over into his giant devil decoration by the door. So the guy is trying to get his dog back in the house, right his Satan statue and give the girls candy and convince them that it's okay. Ellie was not pleased at houses with jumpy dogs, that's for sure.

Then we were able to go meet up with Tim and trick or treat a couple of houses on our street. It was great to say hi to all the neighbors and the timing worked out perfectly - after we visited friendly, non-jumpy puppy Murphy it was time to come home and have dinner.

All in all, a perfect Halloween.

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