Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Family That Laughs Together.

My ab hurt from laughing tonight, thanks to dinner at Grizz and Gigi's house. Ellie was absolutely on a roll.

First during biscuit making time with Grizz, instead of putting the biscuits on the pan, she kept stuffing glops into her mouth. And then what she didn't eat, she'd try to put back on the plate. Thanks for the germs, kid! During dinner Grizz made a joke about how at the upcoming Packer game, look for Sara streaking naked on the field. We all laughed and let it go, and then a half hour later Ellie turned to Sara and said "I'm going to see you running naked on the field!" Sara feigned offense, denied she'd be streaking and tried to blame Grizz, which only got Ellie's gears grinding harder, as she continued to repeat that Sara was going to run NAKED across the field. We were all dying laughing.

Then she followed up with a session of the family band. It is so cute to watch her wander around the room, assigning instruments, screaming at Grizz that it's not time to sing yet and he isn't supposed to sing, only her. Then after a few rounds of "You Are My Sunshine" she went around and made everyone trade instruments. Grizz started making a joke about how everyone likes him best and no one likes Gigi and Ellie burst into tears. When we asked her what was wrong, she sniffled "Grizz was using his rude words." She and Grizz are a loud, lovely duo of craziness. The company and the delicious comfort food made day light savings seem not quite so dark.

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