Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Two Four Six Eight.

Our little Mr. Baby Man is eight months old, as of yesterday! I cannot believe how fast time is going - I don't remember it going this quickly with Ellie, that's for sure.

At eight months Adam is not quite yet crawling on his hands and knees, but believe me, he gets where ever he wants to go. He is completely untrustworthy if left alone in a room now, because he instantly goes to electrocute himself, choke himself, or turn the volume knob on the receiver. So if I'm not in the room with him, he either goes into his crib or his exersaucer. The good news is he's totally amenable to all of those plans. He's just now starting to balance when we sit him up, but he's still really not interested in sitting up as a way to spend his day. Once he sees a toy he wants, he flops himself over and goes for it. I feel like he'll be able to start pulling up before he'll be able to sit up.

He usually eats two different baby foods every night, and has started getting more table food and finger food. I put Cheerios on his tray while we're having dinner and he is starting to get one or two into his mouth. He has also eaten an entire sugar snap pea on his own, and I'm looking forward to feeding him bits of Thanksgiving dinner. He continues to nurse well in the meanwhile.

Sleep has been hit or miss this past month. Mostly misses, with him sometimes waking up every three hours to eat like he's never been fed before. The good news is that he only eats for about ten minutes, and then is happy to be plopped back in his crib. Same at nap time - if he doesn't immediately roll over and snuggle up with Lambykins, he will either talk to himself for awhile, or cry for just a few minutes before settling down with his bottom straight up in the air.

He loves to babble, and he loves to talk with his sister and laugh at her antics.

We're now up to four teeth. You can see his fang here - the fourth tooth is the other fang, but it hasn't come in quite as far. He had a rough week last week as it was really cutting through - his poor little gum looked like a blood blister.

In Ellie news, we had some of our Mommy Matters pals over yesterday. Tre (the oldest, on the far left) was visiting from his new home in Oregon, so a couple of us got together for an hour of loud play time. It's amazing to see the kids together, because they're such KIDS now. They were running around with toy cars and chatting with each other and keep one another pretty entertained. As you can see, there are two little siblings already in the picture, and the other two boys are getting little sisters in the coming weeks. SO MANY BABIES!

Some of Ellie's recent funnies include turning to Gigi and out of nowhere saying "is there a problem here Sheriff?" and yesterday when Grizz told her he couldn't carry her anymore (joking with her about how big she is) she countered with "why, are your hands broken?"

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