Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Same Diff.

The teething growth spurt continues in our house - for the past few weeks it seems like I've been up at least once a night with at least one kid, and usually the cats come in to bother me too. The good news is that when Adam wakes up hungry, he eats for about ten minutes, snuggles for a minute or two, and then within seconds of me laying him back in his crib, he will flip over and stick his rump in the air and go back to sleep (aka: assume the "up butt" position.) Meanwhile, I am pretty good at going back to sleep myself, for which I am thankful. I shuffle back across the hall, get into bed and pull the covers over my head (aka: the "angry bear in a cave" position) and fall back to sleep.

It's just so different than with Ellie - she had a similar growth spurt at this age, and we would be up with her for HOURS trying to soothe her back to sleep. She stopped sleeping in her crib at eight months because she wouldn't stay asleep when we moved her into it, so we just started letting her sleep in the queen sized bed. Meanwhile, Adam will stay awake for our entire morning walk, just waiting to be laid down in his crib when we return. The fresh air does us all good though, even if I'd rather he close his eyes. At least he's stopped crying on walks. The same cannot be said for Ellie - my favorite is when she starts crying for me and when I stop to ask her what's wrong, she says "I'm just going to relax in my stroller now." Thanks for telling me! I especially appreciate that you made a big stink while I was in the middle of pushing uphill! Also funny abotu sleep - the other morning I heard him chattering in his crib, and we listened to him for about ten minutes, as Tim and I were snuggled up with a very cuddly three year old (she likes to climb in with us around 7am and put her freezing cold feet on my stomach.) When I got up and went to get Adam, I found that he had peed through his diaper and his whole crib was wet. Yet was he crying? Not at all. Just happy to be awake and see us.

This morning while Adam was playing on the floor I noticed that he is cutting a THIRD tooth. The funny thing is, he's cutting the exact same one that Ellie got - an upper fang. He's got both bottom front teeth, and now this little fang poking through. I feel like it's coming sooner than it did with Ellie, though I can't remember too terribly well. I just know she had only three teeth at her first birthday, and her first birthday was the first time that I really caught her tooth on camera.

What a little cupcake she was.

Adam is soooo close to crawling. If only he'd pick up his hands, he'd be unstoppable. But he continues to mostly roll around and do the electric worm. He has no problem getting where he wants to go around the house. Meanwhile, at this age, Ellie could barely roll over, but she was sure good at sitting up. I think because she had a chubbier backside to balance on. He's got the same size melon, but teeny butt and thin thighs.

Meanwhile, I am amazed at how big Ellie is. Size wise and maturity wise. She is so independent now, and can do so much for herself. She's all about picking out her own clothes, and is starting to get herself dressed. She can go potty by herself, complete with hand washing and drying. She likes to open the fridge, and though she can't reach the yogurts, once I hand one down to her, she can select and grab a spoon, get herself into her chair, open the yogurt and start eating, and when she's done she puts her spoon in the sink and her yogurt in the recyling. She loves to help empty the dishwasher and do laundry, and has started helping me sort lights and darks, and will take her own clothes back to her room, where her task is putting away all her socks and undies. She is such a sweet little mama to all of her bunnies and babies, and loves loving on her brother and the cats. Thor has been snuggling with us in the morning, and it just makes her life. It's so fun to see what goes on in her little head, and hear the crazy things she comes up with. Her joy and wildness is infectious.

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