Friday, November 29, 2013


Most of us had a great Thanksgiving - Tim however, had a migraine and missed out on almost all of the food and fun (he did get to go over to Gigi and Grizz's house with me in the morning, where he promptly went and laid down. I took a nap on the couch too, so I can't judge.) But Ellie and Adam were still happy to take all of our food over to Mimi's for the big family party, where Ellie immediately took to practicing her swing on the new putting green, and Adam was happy to smile and coo for all of the various aunties and uncles and cousins in attendance.

Adam wore a hand me down pajama outfit with a turkey on the butt and feet, which was pretty adorable and Ellie wore a dress I got for her at the consignment store, which features merino, angora and cashmere. I like telling her it's made of bunny and goat fur and watching how mad she gets.

This is the only photo I got of the two of them together, but it was the sweetest. This is how they were happily sitting while I was putting together mushroom casserole in the morning.

I feel sort of bad about not getting any higher quality "baby's first Thanksgiving" photos, but the only photo I have of Ellie on her first Thanksgiving is one of her sitting in Jan's guest room, wailing. At least Adam got a tiny taste of whipped cream on his first Thanksgiving! Ellie had to wait until the second year to start hitting the delicious sauce.

Now she is an old pro.

"turkey and potatoes? This in't what I ordered!"

Then today Adam really upped the ante on holiday fun. I left mid-afternoon for a quiet coffee date with myself, and when I came home, he was really crawling! Funny - that's also what happened when Ellie started crawling. I take an hour off from parenting, and come back to an even more troublesome baby!

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