Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Long Wait.

THIS IS IT! The day Ellie has been waiting on for months and months and months. Since before she even had a little brother, she has been excited about the idea of going to Costco and having her brother ride next to her in the big cart. AND TODAY IT FINALLY HAPPENED! We went and picked up Thor's new package of insulin (the first package lasted us almost an entire year, so that's great news) and then we ate some samples and went to get Auntie Sara. We also saw some Christmas trees, so I sang "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" while Ellie did wild hand motions.

Yesterday on our walk she was cracking me up with her singing. First she sang the familiar holiday tune "jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the PEOPLE!" Then she was asking about her friend Alexa, who we did not happen to run into. So Ellie starts going "where is Alexa? Is she in the tree? No, she's not in the tree. Is she in the grass? No, she's not in the grass," and then after she had talked about all of the nature things around us (including asking if Alexa was in a rock, in a fence, on the ground...) she moved on to asking "is Alexa on a caterpillar? No, she's not on a caterpillar. Is she a yogurt? She's not on a yogurt!" It was hysterical, and went on through a million permutations.

When we get home, we also have a fun routine. First, as we hit the hill at the top of our street, the neighbor's dogs bark at us, and Ellie demands that I tell them not to bark at her because she's asleep, and that they should go home and see their mommies. Then when we park our beast of a stroller in the garage, she likes for me to point at her and Adam and go back and forth saying "Missy Moo, Baby Boo, Missy Moo, Baby Boo" and then, EVERY morning, she yells "and what did Baby Boo didn't do?" I inform her that he didn't take a nap, and it's okay, he can take one in his bed. She asks why he didn't take a nap, and I say he liked to see the whole big world, and she tells me it's a small world. Thanks, Disneyland.

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