Wednesday, November 13, 2013


So, my parents went to the Midwest for various sporting events and family times, AND DID NOT EVEN INVITE ME. They are essentially huge jerks, no ifs ands or buts. Plus Tim had evening engagements three out of the last four nights, leaving me to deal with the feeding, bathing and bedding of two small children (which is usually the craziest part of the day, and most exhausting.) It makes me realize that I am not meant to homestead, or home school. I do best when I have a second set of hands around, and another adult who will listen to my ramblings.

The fortunate thing is that we've had lots of company these past few days and nights. Friday night one of my girlfriends came for dinner and helped me get everyone off to dreamland, and then when Tim got home she and I went out for drinks and dessert. Saturday Mimi and Pa came over for supper and a long fabulous dance party, and then we went out for Golden Spoon (or as Ellie calls it, the Ice Cream Store.) Monday morning Pari and Mila came over, which thrilled Ellie beyond words. It is so sweet and funny to see her with Mila, because Ellie is allllll over her. It's like she's never seen a seven month old baby before. She actually said (in front of her brother, no less!) that Mila was her favorite baby. I also love it because Mila reminds me of Ellie on many levels (not only because she's wearing Ellie's old clothes.) I wonder what it will be like when Mila is three and Ellie is six, and if they'll get along, or if they will hammerhead at each other. Pari and I manage to be friends despite each being impossible pains in the asses, so I remain hopeful. Then Monday night we went to the mall to return some pants, eat a smoothie and play in the play ground area. Do I know how to entertain, or what?

Yesterday Mimi and Ellie had their morning of fun together and then my friend Lauren came down to spend the day. She was so sweet to go with our flow and just hang out. We had to go check on the cats and water the plants and Ellie begged to wear her bathing suit, and since it was so nice out, she ran around and got squirted with the hose while I watered. Nothing better than spraying your kid straight in the face. Today after our walk she went to Mommy's Nail Salon and we had our nails done (matching polish, naturally) and then had lunch with the ladies. We're keeping busy, it's true, but the nicest part is when we can facetime with Gigi and Sara for a minute or two.

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