Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Full Day!

Man, it's been a good one. It rained over night, but was clear enough this morning that we got out for a run, and ran into our neighbor who has two kids the same ages and genders of my kids. Nicole and I keep trying to meet up, but her daughter keeps coming down with various sniffles. Still, Ellie and Alexa were happy to talk the entire way home.

Then we got ready for a big fun trip to the petting zoo!
Yes everyone, climb into the recliner with me. We were only missing Thor.


Binny pigs! And a birthday girl! Lexi is officially three, and Ellie is right behind her. I can't believe how big they are, and how quickly they've both grown. Seems like only yesterday Kristen and I were at our first Mommy Matters class with our lumpy little newborns, scared out of our minds. And now these two girls are besties, occasionally frenemies, and about the funniest little nuts there could be. They spent a lot of time petting these two particular binny pigs, then took a trip through the corn box and a ride on the train. And then, a new fun experience at the petting zoo:

PONY RIDE! I half expected Ellie to melt down about it, but she hopped on the bigger of the two horses and enjoyed every minute.

Afterwards we went up the street to Ruby's to have some lunch. Everyone was starving and Ellie plowed straight through her grilled cheese. And since it was birthday time, we also got milk shakes. It was fun and loud and crazy. Adam and Judd were both awake and hooting really loud (Adam more than Judd) and the girls had clipped the belts of the booster chairs together and were using them to play tug of war and I'm sure everyone else in the restaurant was incredibly happy to see us finally pick up and leave. To think we used to sometimes be overwhelmed taking a half asleep baby out to lunch, back in 2010.

Ellie took a subpar nap, but was cheered after I woke her up when I let her go outside and run around in the rain.
She is a girl after my own heart.

And lastly, speaking of girls from my heart, here's me and my ladies (and Adam) at the wedding this weekend.

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