Sunday, October 27, 2013

More Fall Fun!

We are having some seriously fun Halloween times this fall. First Halloween, we did nothing. The second Ellie went out to Yorba Linda and last year she was barfing most of the day. But this year we have already had a great run of pumpkin patch and other holiday gourd fun time, continuing today with a trip to Mimi and Pa's house for East Lake's Halloween party for the kiddos.

We started off with a short ride in the horse drawn carriage, which was thankfully not over run by bank robbers.

Then a looooong wait for the bounce house. All the kids love the bounce house, but they only get to go in for five minutes at a time. It ended up working out okay because Ellie had to wait an extra turn (because of kids cutting in line, the horrible brats) and so she ended up bouncing with kids closer to her age, instead of being the only toddler amidst a bunch of seven year old boys. She then cried when it was time to go (SO SURPRISING AND UNLIKE HER.)

Thankfully, she was easily motivated to go look for more candy (some of the booths had stuff for the kids) and we were waylaid by a guy with a goat on a leash. Did you know that kids dressed as cats wearing glass candy corn necklaces love goats?

Well, they do.

Turns out, they had a whole little pen full of friendly animals, including Ellie's favorite animal, the white rabbit. The chicken came over to try to get some love for her too, but she rejected him. And I rejected a second goat who tried to eat her hat.

It was all very fun for her, and then she finally got a lollipop to eat on the way home (from a booth. Not as in a gross joke about how kids would probably eat animal poop if you let them.)

Then she got a cupcake at Mimi's house and some playdoh time. What more could a kiddo want?

Lastly, I finally got this photo off my little camera - here's all of us from the pumpkin patch field trip the other day. These kids crack me up.
I know, I should have let Adam be the astronaut. He's the one who shares the birthday with Jim Lovell, after all.

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