Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Elizabeth was up at 5am this morning. No real explanation why - she'd done pretty well in her sleep sack over night (6 hours before her first wake up, we are getting better!) but such is life. She's still so small that I know any day could bring on a growth spurt or a sleep regression or a new developmental milestone. Just gotta take it day by day. She did take a long morning nap, and then we went for a walk. I finally found my pedometer, so I'm going to become insufferable, figuring out my mileage every week. This morning we just went on a short walk (because I didn't think she'd sleep in the stroller and so instead had her in the Bjorn) and only went 4.4 miles. Tomorrow Keri is back in town and I'll have an adult to talk to, rather than explaining every boring thing to my baby before she slumps over, asleep.

We had lunch with the babies and mommies today - a big group of seven of us. Towards the end of our meal another big group was sat out by us at the patio - a group of moms with toddlers (and one tiny newborn.) We joked about how we should become friends with them, and then I said "when one of their kids cries, we should make a joke about having that kid pipe down." Well, we did, but none of them laughed or responded. So we immediately turned around and decided not to become friends with them and their grown up kids.

Then it was off to knitting, which was going so well, until Elizabeth pooped while she was eating, and had it squirt straight out of her diaper, all over my leg. Somehow, she didn't get anything on her own dress or (thankfully) on Jan's chair, but it was a disgusting mess. Thank goodness she did it while there were other people around, otherwise I would have been hard pressed to get everything cleaned up without weeping. Afterwards, I looked her straight in the eye and said "Elizabeth, don't try to poop on my leg and tell me it's raining." True story.

She is doing well in her dresses lately. She looks so cute!

Even if sometimes she's a weirdo. Or thinks I'm a weirdo.

Speaking of weirdos.

This is my recent favorite. I call it "Ambassador Double Chin."

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