Thursday, March 17, 2011

Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

Top of the morning to ya! Or rather, evening. I am having a celebratory St. Paddy's day beverage - a traditional rum and Diet Coke (because remember, if you're sober enough to drive, you're sober enough to nurse. Plus the baby is already down for the night.)

Isn't it amazing to think that exactly one year ago we heard Wolfie V's heartbeat for the very first time? Who would have thought that I'd have such a cute, fun, giggly baby a year later? Who would have thought Wolfie V would turn out to be a GIRL? I love her to pieces, even if she is apparently having some sort of diabolical growth spurt/sleep regression.

This morning I made her come with me to the endocrinologist, where the nurses fawned all over her. They're lowering my dose of 'roid medication, and will see me again in three months, so that's good news. THEN we got ready to head out to Africa to spend some time and do some shopping with her favorite Irish grandma.

And of course, you better believe we did some fancy dressing. It is the only way to go:
It says "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" and the clover is green sequins.

We also took some fun pictures with Grandma. Ellie was not being all that cooperative about looking at me and/or smiling.

But she still had fun. Here's she's saying "Hey grandma, what is this good stuff? Mind if I slobber on it?"

Sadly, I had to strip her down to her onesie after we went and briefly visited Grandpa at his office. Grandma got to see firsthand how "fun" it is to drive with Ellie when she's crabby. By the time we drove the 5 miles between their house and Don's office, she'd screamed so much that she'd worked herself into a giant, sweaty lather. She did sleep on the way home though, so that's good. And got put down to bed early tonight. Fingers crossed!

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