Friday, March 25, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch.

Today was a big day in Ellie's life - her first fundraising luncheon! Because of it's mid-day time slot, I hoped it would go better than our trip to the Shea Center's fundraiser on Wednesday night. She did an amazing job. Most importantly, she didn't fuss too much in the car either going up or back from Beverly Hills. First, she yapped at her toys for awhile. Then, she just sort of moaned in her sad little "you can't make me sleep" way while chomping on her own hand. Then, she fell asleep with one finger pulling at the side of her mouth.

The drive was actually a nice break for me. I listened to Jerry Jeff Walker in silence and relaxed. The baby was with me (so I didn't have to worry that she was torturing someone else with her crying) but she wasn't fussing at all! Plus, unlike when I take my walks, I wasn't panting and sweating. We got to the Beverly Hills Hotel in good time and were able to say hello to everyone and check out the boutique before it got too packed. She and I snuck away for a meal and then came back to do some shopping and hanging out before lunch. Anja (my former boss, now a member of the Guild fundraising group) had a table and invited me to come and sit with her, which was very nice. Ellie let me sit long enough to eat, and then I stood and rocked her in the Baby Bjorn until she finally, finally let her little head drop into my chest and nap. The good news is that I was able to eat my dessert standing up. The BETTER news is that I ate my dessert standing up and it made the waiters think that I hadn't been served, so I got TWO desserts.

I wasn't able to stay through the whole program (it ran a bit long) and sadly, I did have to miss out on the traditional post-event get together in the Polo Lounge. The staff celebrates a big day of work, and usually the Guild and other volunteers stay as well and buy drinks. Sometimes, we spot a celebrity or two and it's just a nice way to unwind after a busy day. But since I hadn't really had a busy professional day, I guess it's fair that I didn't get the post work drink and decompress session. It was so fun to see my coworkers though, and have a tiny taste of my pre baby life.

Afterwards, we stopped by mom and dad's to see Great Lisa, newly arrived in town. When the ladies went to go pick up Auntie Sara, Ellie snuggled with Gramps on his new chair. Those two are very sweet together!

Tonight as I was nursing Ellie off to sleep, she smiled and then started giggling, all while still asleep. She is such a sweet little girl. I am so very very lucky to be her mommy, and to spend my days exploring the world with her.

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  1. Oh...I love this post, so very much. Glad you went and most of all, glad you're a mom. Pre-baby life was grand, but baby life is spot on with timing. I love you.