Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swinging Cat!

"Mr Penguin, lemme tell you about my day!"

In case you are wondering, we are still up every three hours at night, but holding it together okay during the day. Ellie has slept during my morning walks, which is exactly the sanity break I need. When she cries and demands to be in the baby bjorn after a rough night, it just makes me want to go lay down in a bush on the side of the trail and wait for someone to come and help me, or for a dog to come and eat my face.

We had swim class today and Grandma came along to check out the fun. Ellie was an appropriately swimmy little fish and we all had a good time. Then grandma did me the great favor of hanging out with Ellie for an hour so I could just leave the house and have a break. I always told myself I would be the type of mom who would remember to take time for herself, but it turns out that I am a nervous basketcase. I just worry that Elizabeth will cry the whole time I'm gone, thereby torturing the poor ears of whomever is stuck with her. But I also know that now that she's a little bigger, she doesn't wail as much and will be just fine. And soon we will get the sippy cup down and she won't need me at all!

This is how I found the ladies when I returned home.

Ellie has spent a great deal of the past two days trying to get Lulu to love her. She follows her around the room with her eyes, and squawks when Lulu is allllmost close enough to pet. Lulu for the most part, is very patient about it all. When I sit Ellie in my lap and let her give Lulu pets, Lu just sort of sits there and takes it, and occasionally will deign to sniff and then lick the baby. Today the cat has been very needy of my love, so she's plopped herself down next to the baby several times. It may be true love yet.

Lastly, after Tim got home we went to the park near our house and tried out the swings for the first time. Boring but cute video follows!

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