Monday, March 21, 2011


Three things I am eternally grateful for today:
1. That I can now nurse laying down
2. That we left the queen bed in Ellie's bedroom
3. That she can't roll over yet

She is totally growth spurting. She's been up two to three times a night, and Tim can't settle her down. The only thing she wants is to eat. Thankfully, I can lay down with her, nurse her back to sleep, and then gently extract my arm, make sure she's on her back, and run out of the room to go cocoon myself back in my own bed. I thought about cosleeping with her last night, but she sleeps too loudly, and I like to pull the covers up over my head. Either way, Tim and I got more sleep last night than we had in a couple of days.

So, I guess until we get to the other side of this sleep disruption, I'm going to hope she holds out on learning how to roll over.

The silver lining in all of this is that she's sleeping unswaddled, during the 2-3 hour intervals where she's actually sleeping. We'd tried swaddling her a couple of times to see if that was the problem with her sudden, terrible sleep, and it's not. At least we have one thing solved.

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