Saturday, March 19, 2011


Elizabeth Rosemarie is five months old today! How did that happen! Unfortunately, we are back to her newborn days in terms of sleeping, but what can you do? I'm actually putting my money on growth spurt.

Even though she hasn't rolled over yet, it feels like it's been a big month. She's really taking interest in the world around her and doing more. This month she's started being able to sit up unassisted, and continues to LOVE being held so she can stand. She will turn in her playmat to grab one of her toys and jam it into her mouth. She's done some limited, slow scooting. She has really discovered the cats and is incredibly interested in them. She particularly likes to be stood up in front of them, so she can hoot at them and flap her arms. When given the opportunity to touch them, she'll either rub her open palm on their fur, or reach in and just grip a handful of flab. Thor still refuses to be touched by her, but will sometimes come up and let me pet him while she's sitting in my lap reading a book, or if she's nursing and he can't see her head when he jumps up on the couch. I can't wait to see the look on his face when she starts motoring.

Her favorite toys are her little dolly Cece, whose limbs are perfect to chew on, and Sophie the expensive French giraffe toy, who is great for French kissing and teething practice. We can make her laugh almost every day - she loves when she jams her fingers in my mouth and I pretend to chomp on them, and she thinks it's funny when we stick our faces in hers and make weird noises.

The best part of this month is that she's finally happy to go to people other than Tim and I. Well, not always HAPPY, but at least we can hand her off without the screaming instantly beginning. She still prefers if she keeps one of her parents in her line of sight. She's basically a total mama's girl, but seeing how much time I spend with her, it's only natural.

She's quickly outgrowing her clothes, and I'm going to have to bust out the 6-9 month outfits soon. Her hair has started to grow back in, thicker but lighter than before.

I just love her to death. She's so funny and observant, and WILLFUL. Man, is she willful. At least once a day I realize that I am powerless against her little baby fury, and I just try to make her happy to make sure that everything is okay. She's my love.

Five months!

Sadly, the addiction to sniffing cat tails can run in families.

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