Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Time Change.

We're handling the change to daylight savings pretty okay around here. Sunday and Monday she was an hour off in terms of her schedule, but last night we put her to bed at her regular bed time (9) and she slept until her usual wake time (7.) It's funny because last time we changed the clocks she was a newborn and I remember hearing people complain about the darkness/lack of sleep/odd schedule and thinking "eh, doesn't bother me any. My life is three hour cycles of hell that go on day after day." We are having a little trouble with sleeping because this weekend we started transitioning her out of her swaddle blanket. Once a baby can roll over, they need to have their arms free at night. Ellie can't roll yet, but she will soon, so I'd rather start her early and get it going gradually rather than having to cut her off cold turkey. And it's been an adjustment - usually around 3 we give in and reswaddle her so she won't wake up again. But moving to her crib was an adjustment and it eventually went well, so I'm sure this will fix itself in time.

Today we had swim class, which was awesome. We also went on a super long walk. I've met a new mom friend, whose daughter is a month older than Ellie. She lives in my neighborhood and has been walking the trails near our house, and invited me to join her and her friend yesterday. She also showed me a new loop that is basically 20 minutes of walking straight up hill, thus making my butt muscles slightly sorry to have met her. We ran into each other today again, so I did a loop with her and then did half of my regular walk, so I could see my regular trail peeps - the guy with the three fat Labs, the happy dog with the pinecone in his mouth, the lady who I imagine is a nun, the ladies who make me jealous as they effortlessly jog by.

No big plans for the rest of the day here - just hanging out and doing some tummy time, hoping she'll eventually roll. You can do it Elizabeth!

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