Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today we had a very fancy day. Seriously, check out her outfit:
Not pictured: her pants have a panda on the butt.

We went out to lunch with our girlfriends (and her little boyfriend Hunter) and she was pretty well behaved. I actually got to eat my meal in good time, and then I put her in the Bjorn, stood up with her and rocked back and forth until she conked out. It's what she does, if you wait long enough! Then, off to help out with the necklace making at knitting.

She took a nap on the car ride to mom and dad's, and actually stayed asleep for a significant period of time when we got into the house, so that was nice. Then we spent a couple of hours just playing around and showing how close she can get to rolling from back to belly. Great Lisa was asking about rattles, and mom went and dug out a rattle from HER childhood. Nothing better than a fifty year old toy. So we made this video, laughing all the way:

And then, dinner with the family.
You'd think those chubby cheeks would be stuffed with solid food, but they're not! They're just full of love. She's full of love from head to foot!

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