Monday, June 29, 2015

Little Butterfly.

Oh our Adam. Lest you think I am joking about how much this kid loves butterflies, I give you the following:

Some little boys know everything about trucks. Some know everything about dinosaurs. Adam loves him some butterflies. And buzzy bees and other bugs too.

It was a weekend of wedding stuff for me and mom and Sara. We all went to a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon for one of our neighbor friends, and then after dinner, went up to an ice skating rink in Lakewood for Judy's wedding reception/post elopement party. And it was a blast! Sara and mom did great, especially Sara, after not being on skates since we moved to California almost two decades ago. She only fell a couple of times, but we all had fun using the little seals that they provided for new skaters.

Blurry because I was pushing mom SO FAST!

And lastly, we found our Griffin friend Hobson on our walk yesterday. One of our fave dogs.

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