Friday, June 5, 2015

Singing Babies

The kids new favorite thing to do is to be out in the front yard. And by that I mean the driveway. They will run around and climb on our little brick fences and remark about all of the cars and dogs that go by. You know, the average good time. I take it as an opportunity to sit in the sun, when I'm not jumping up to make sure one of them isn't about to fall and bust their face open.

Reasonable outfits.

So here is Adam yesterday doing some front yard time, singing his ABCs.

Last night our big fun was going to the Irvine Spectrum for their Tip a Cop fundraiser for Special Olympics. It's always a big turn out and a fun night. Six restaurants participate by having Special Olympians and cops working together as assistant servers, and during your meal, they'll tell you about all the good stuff that Special Olympics does, and ask you for a donation. The police also bring along a lot of cool stuff for the kids to see - a couple of motorcycles that the kids can sit on, a paddy wagon, a mobile command center, sometimes a bomb sniffing dog. So even if you don't want to eat, it's a fun night at an outdoor mall that's already pretty fun for little kids (we went on the carousel before we did anything else.)

I mean, check out the joy on Ellie's face:
We got to eat at our favorite restaurant (Ruby's) with some of our favorite friends, sat on all of the police items, saw Gigi and Sara and generally had a good night (followed by much sobbing when after many "it's almost time to go" warnings, it was actually time to go. Such is life with small children.)

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