Sunday, June 7, 2015

Reverend Tim.

Tim officiated his first wedding yesterday! He and I both became ministers, via the power of the internet, in preparation for our friends Ed and Erlynne's wedding in early 2016, but Tim was able to put his certification to use for his Aunt Diane and new Uncle Don at their cabin, surrounded by their children. I was in charge of photography.

It was a really sweet day. Very obvious how much Diane and Don love each other, and how happy they were to be getting married and spending the rest of their lives together.

All of Don's kids and their partners were also pretty great. A small, but wonderful audience.

For me, one of the sweetest moments was during the toasts. Don gave a very sweet toast to Diane, and to their families. His son Chris then talked about how happy it makes him to see the joy that Diane brings to his dad's life, and that it's heartening to see that you can find your soulmate even a little later in life. And then Joey started talking about his late father, and how his dad died, but now he has Don, and he loves Don and Don loves him, and Don responded by raising his glass and having us all toast to Scott.

It was the sweetest thing, even as you can see, Joey was not a fan of the corks being popped.

All in all, a very sweet, beautiful day. I'm so glad we were able to be a part of Diane's big day, and here's to many happy years for her and Don.

(and of course, thanks to Mimi and Poppy for keeping an eye on Ellie and Adam so that Tim and I could drive up to the mountains and even go out for a nice date night dinner on the way back. ROMANCE FOR EVERYONE!)

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