Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Summer Summertime!

June is busting out all over! And summer is here, as much as summer comes when it was gross and hot practically all winter, and Ellie's preschool goes year round like the glorified day care it is that this age.

We've had dinner guests three nights this week, which I love. I love being able to sit outside and eat and watch the hummingbirds fight each other for a spot at the feeders. Wednesday I let Ellie skip school and we went to the trampoline park with Lexi and Judd. Good news - for once we were able to stay there for more than hour, and Ellie didn't spend the last half hour crying. I think our saving grace was a snack break midway through the morning, including cookies. And one of the workers there, designated to watch the larger jumping area, was really great playing with the kids. Adam thought he was especially fantastic. Also fantastic - showing Ellie that I was able to jump and do the splits. Not fantastic - I think I broke both of my hips and pelvis. I am oooooooold.

We have also done fun things like sitting around in the wading pool. Yesterday I was so hot and gross after our trip to the park that I even sat in the water with the kids, enjoying things like how Adam would throw himself down the slide and intentionally kick over Ellie's bucket of water, and then she would immediately refill it and throw it all over him. So relaxing and refreshing! Like being at the spa.

Tonight we went up to West LA for Parissa's graduation party for her PhD. She's a doctor now! It was a nice evening. One of their friends had a three legged chihuahua with her that she was fostering, and Ellie fell in love with the dog, who let her walk her on a leash and carry her around. For a second I thought to myself "maybe we should adopt that dog!" But a three legged mutt would be just what I need. Ellie and Mila were thick as thieves as usual, and Adam was very taken with Rahim. He wanted to snuggle with him, and got sort of miffed when he wanted to kiss Rahim and Rahim (being an infant) didn't understand quite how to pucker up. I can't believe Pari and I are old ladies with a bunch of children between us! Someday, like my dad and his boyfriends, maybe we will fly some place to go watch a baseball game together and reminisce about all of the old times.

Ellie has been really in love with all of the creatures in our animal kingdom lately. A week or so ago she spent fifteen minutes "rescuing" a bunch of rolly polies from the sidewalk out in front of Gigi's house. More than one may have gotten squeezed a little too hard in the process. She has since informed us that someday, when she takes some of her pet rolly polies to show and tell, she's going to bring a nice box of grass for them to live in. And the other day, we found a lizard in our (empty) wading pool and Ellie goes "oh, it's okay. I know how to treat little critters who are scared. I'll show him my hands and sing him a lullaby." She also spent quite a lot of time singing lullabies to Thor today, who got freaked out when we had to lock them up to have our carpet repaired and retacked after all of the renovations (which yes, ended a million years ago. Ugh.) She's such a sweet little lady, that one. Still not getting her a dog.

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