Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Binny Pigs!

Library story hour is on hiatus, but no worries, the binny pigs are always available on demand.

Especially if you are queen of the piggies!

Always a fun Tuesday with Mimi activity, with bonus trip to Rubys, and Adam coming home with almost a dozen kernels of corn stuck in his diaper and jeans after a long time spent rolling around in the corn box.

The kids continue to be absolute swimmy fishes in Gigi and Grizz's pool. This week we got out pool noodles and also inner tubes and basketballs. Ellie wanted to sit in a tube to shot hoops, and I told her that I'd hold the inner tube so that she could sit back into it... but her butt's too small and she immediately went straight through. It was pretty hilarious, poor thing. Grizz is never happier than when the kids are enjoying the water. And I like to think that his Grandpa Boo, the one and only Elmer George Washington Thiel, would love to hear that when Adam gets out of the car, he immediately says that he is going to run inside and "boo Grizz!"

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