Monday, June 22, 2015

Busiest Weekend.

Uff! Even for us, who tend to pile up the fun on weekends, this weekend was a doozy. The kids had their make up swim lesson on Saturday morning from 9-9:30, then a break, and then their regular lesson from 10-10:30. No one else showed up for the make up, so both kids got private lessons! Then they refused to leave the pool during break and hung through the second swim lesson.

After ninety minutes of swimming, they came home to a house full of people, as I'd offered to host a bunch of my old coworkers from the Petersen Automotive Museum for lunch. It was a trip - we haven't all been together since 2008, and back them we were a bunch of dumb, young married couples. Now everyone has kids. Marylene and Mike, who were secretly dating at the time, are MARRIED and have a baby of their own! It was so crazy and so fun. There were a couple of big girls for Ellie to play with (lots of fun dress up in her room) and a couple of toddler aged boys for Adam to go in the wading pool with, and the adults enjoyed eating and day drinking. It was much like old times, except there were a ton of kids and no one threw up. The youngest friend was three month old Cyrus, and Ellie offered to his mom that when she grows up, she can take care of baby Cyrus, if Christy wants to drop him off at Gigi and Grizz's house (which is where Ellie intends to live while she's working at her art store.)

The kids until in until 2, and then we all took naps. When they woke up, it was off to the fairgrounds for Tim's company picnic. They always do a really nice job of providing entertainment for all ages. The only bummer was that the kids had to wait in line for the bouncy castle and it immediately collapsed on them. Thankfully, everyone was fine and they were able to get it re-inflated, and thankfully for us, Ellie recovered from that disappointment by going to look at all of the animals on the farm. She had a great evening - loved the bumper cars, ate some corn, and got a fancy cupcake. When she dropped part of it on the ground, you better believe I just picked all of the grass off and gave it back to her. No pie eating contest, so I retain my crown for another year.

Then Sunday morning both kids woke up unnecessarily early, but at least we had plenty of time to prep for Father's Day brunch with Pa (thankfully, they let their own dad sleep in a little.) We had a good spread, and the kids enjoyed having their family around. Tim's wish was to go see a movie with his little gal pal and his dad, and Jake and Mimi came along too for them to all see Inside Out. Meanwhile, Adam and I took some very long, much needed naps. When I heard Tim come home, I was totally confused and thought it was morning, or that someone was breaking into the house.

Our evening was spent celebrating with Grizz. The kids both enjoyed a good dip in the pool. Ellie was so funny and cute. I watched her swim across the pool, flipping onto her back and paddling when she got tired, and then as she climbed out she said "hello, I'm Mrs. Mermaid!" Indeed she is. That kid is an absolute fish (and her brother is close behind her on fish status. His problem is he lacks the body fat to keep him warm for very long.) The kids helped Gigi and Grizz make pizza from scratch, and then ended the evening outside blowing bubbles and rescuing rolly polies from the concrete. A full life for everyone! I was so glad to climb into bed last night, and so glad that the kids slept in until a decent hour this morning. Summer time is crazy fun!

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