Friday, July 3, 2015

Holiday Weekend!

Tim and the kids went over to swim in Mimi and Poppy's community pool this morning, so I did what any Real Housewife of Orange County would do and spent two hours mowing the lawn, trimming the hedges and cleaning the patio so that we'll be ready to have our Fourth of July party tomorrow. I have decided that if I had a tree trimming business, it would be called "T-Rex Arms Tree Trimming" and the logo would be me, standing on a chair with the extended clippers, still wishing I had another three inches so that I could cut the branch that I really wanted to get. Hire me! I do a mostly crap job!

We've had a pretty quiet week this week. The weather hasn't allowed for tons of pool time at Gigi and Grizz's, sadly. The other day our big fun was going outside to do some finger painting in our undies (I wore a dress)

They finished their projects by mashing all of the colors around, and then we went out front to water the plants and clean their hands. Fun for everyone!

Yesterday Jolie and the girls came up for the morning and lunch, which was a blast. Ellie, Nina and Thalia are less than a year apart, and as they get older, they play together really well without adult supervision. Which is basically the dream of all parents - go play by yourselves! Adam is pushing out his last two molars, so was a nightmare, but the girls were great! Ellie was so excited that they arrived wearing Disney Princess dresses, and immediately she changed into her Elsa dress. They ended the party though, all changing into various Elsa dresses. We have:

John Glen, Summer Elsa (Nina), Coronation Day Elsa (Elles) and Winter Elsa (Thalia.) And then the play date ended with four tired, hungry kids sobbing about various and sundry reasons. That's how you know they had a good time!

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