Thursday, July 23, 2015


Good news: My eye is on the mend. Bad news: I had a really rotten Wednesday because of it - hardly slept, could barely see to drive Ellie to school, and then had to get mom come get me and drive me to my first eye doctor appointment, which resulted in a referral to a corneal specialist. So dad had to take me to that and mom ended up taking care of the kids for the afternoon. They are so nice to me.

BUT! My eye is better, and Olivia Jane, her mom and Gigi are in town!

And ready to swim!

It was pretty cute - Olivia was fairly cold to me and Grizz upon first meeting, but within seconds of Ellie arriving, she was willing to give Ellie a hug and a kiss. She has since warmed up to me, probably because I give the best kiss attacks around. When we left tonight, she gave me an unsolicited kiss goodbye and I melted into a puddle of goo. I think mostly she enjoys me because I'm Ellie's mom. Adam is not as interested - he is sort of annoyed that someone else is touching his stuff, but he did give her a hug when I asked.

The family that splashes together!

Olivia and her cute mommy

Grizz and his pal

Grizz and his pal read Mike Mulligan

The ladies do some art work in their matching butterfly tops

Adam joins the crafting project at Ellie's art studio. 
Please note that she has engaged a nude male model (Rocky)

Art is very, very serious business

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