Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Reach Up LA!

The Nollin girls had to head back to Chicago today, but thankfully we will see them again in two weeks. Kate and I have planned the girls outfits so that they can match every single day that they're together. It's a beautiful thing.

Today was Ellie's very last trip to the library for Tuesdays with Mimi. The library is taking the month of August off, and then in September she'll be in junior kindergarten. Sunrise, sunset. Sunrise, sunset. Thankfully, there's always Adam.

Then after nap time we headed up to UCLA to see Sara and some of her Hawks teammates play flag football at the Special Olympics World Games. They're not officially part of the US delegation, but er playing as part of the Play Unified campaign, where Special Olympians and non-Special Olympians play on mixed teams together. Unified, as it were.

The drive up was a bit of a slog, but I had plenty of snacks to pass back to my small fry. Parked without issue, despite warnings about how crazy the parking might be, and headed over to the athletic fields just in time to see Sara and her team take to the field. It was a good mix of athletes, and each team had a former professional football player to help coach. The players all had fun, and the kids had a blast. Gigi provided them with some pom poms and they had some more snacks, and then after the game was over they ran around playing football with Sara and her buddy Alex.

We visited the little Olympic village that they had set up in the quad before we left and had our picture taken in the Reach Up LA area. Such a good team!

ESPN has daily coverage of the World Games at 7pm Eastern. Definitely check it out, it's great. And I'm so glad that the games are getting some actual media coverage. These athletes definitely deserve all the recognition they get.

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