Monday, July 6, 2015

Independence Day.

I know you're all going to be shocked, but our Fourth was just as busy as most weekends are around here! Busy, but also freeing, as St. Gigi took the kids most of the day on the 4th so that Tim and I could get things set up for our party, and so that the kids could get good naps in a quiet house.

They started their day by going to check out the new kids area at the YMCA. Turns out, they have a splash pad. Gigi didn't know that going in, so didn't have suits. Good thing my kids don't care! Well, Adam cared that he was getting wet, but once he had a rash guard over his clothes, he was fine with it.

Then they went home and swam, lunched and snoozed, and came back with Auntie Sara for our annual cookout with Tim's coworkers. We had about a dozen people here, and it was a great night. We are so lucky to have such a good group of friends and cohorts.

Ellie made a big stink about not wanting to use the sparklers, and was 100% whiny about it, but Adam thought they were pretty great.

Ellie didn't get to bed until 11pm! So yesterday we spent the morning pretty much lazing around and waiting for nap time, and then spent the evening with Sara Jo and Todd and Whitney, who just moved into their new house, And by just moved in, I mean we helped move some furniture and unpack some boxes and build the beds. Then ended the evening letting the kids watch a movie while the parents had a couple of drinks and some take out sushi. It's a pretty good life. I went to bed last night feeling very glad for our great network of friends who feel like family.

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