Thursday, July 9, 2015

Adam Says.

The "fun" thing about having a second child is knowing more of what you're in for, and when your kid hits the terrible twos, thinking "oh right, this happened last time, and I hated it then too" versus wondering if your formerly mild manner child had been taken over by banshees. The bad news is that I realize he's going to be a pretty big jerk until he turns four, because three is worse than two.

But it's also funny how the same and different kids are. Adam is nowhere as whiny as Ellie was, but man, is he naughty. He is defiant and naughty in a way that she never was - twice in the past two days he has taken off running the other way when I've asked him to come to me in public. He also enjoys completely ignoring me, like his ears are stuffed with cotton. Ellie generally responded to being hollered at, and time outs worked. Adam just does not care - he does what he wants with a smile on his face, pushing boundaries all the while.

This was his response yesterday when I asked him to come hop in the car. There is also a lot of screaming about how he wants to "cwimb up big boy!" into the car, but he also enjoys climbing in, trying to crawl into the front seat, and then flailing like he's being electrocuted when I'm attempting to strap him down.

It is however, sort of funny when he does whine, because he has more than once answered "NOW!" when I ask him what the magic word is, and when he really wants something, he will definitely tell you "Fwozen songs WIGHT NOW!" The flip side is that he's incredibly sweet about saying thank you, and also will say he's sorry very quickly, whereas Ellie to this day would rather have her toenails torn out than apologize.

My other favorite thing is that back when Adam was nursing, he called milk "newt." This applied to both breast milk and milk from a cup. Everything was newt. And then when we stopped nursing (you know, back when "newt" was broken and all gone) he started calling it milk. Smart boy! However, he insists on calling water "ma." He can say water. If you ask him to say water, he says it perfectly. And the other day I said "Adam, it's called water," and he goes "I say ma!" Well, okay then.

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