Thursday, May 17, 2012

Two Funnies.

1. Today for lunch I made Elizabeth a peanut butter sandwich. The other day when I made myself a turkey sandwich she basically begged for an entire piece of bread, so I ate an open faced sandwich while she ate one slice of whole grain bread. To try to get some actual good calories into her, I took her piece of toast and smeared it with some peanut butter (chunky, of course. Smooth peanut butter is useless.) I plopped her in her high chair and worked on my own turkey sandwich in the kitchen. When I came back, she'd used her teeth to scrape most of the peanut butter off, and then looked at me and asked for more sandwich. Total waste of bread!

2. Then we moved on to folding laundry. I asked her to help me, and she certainly was a helpful little sprite. While I folded Tim and I's clothes, Ellie took her own clothes out of her laundry basket, told me what they were, and then put them back in. She was happy to do it until I finished my entire job, which is HUGE. She didn't try to climb on the bed or unfold socks or scream at me. Just clothes in the basket, clothes out of the basket, clothes back in the basket. She actually cried when I scooped her up and told her it was time to take a shower. Now if I could only have her figure out how to actually fold.

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