Monday, May 21, 2012

Too Grown Up.

This morning we went for a lovely walk, and on our way home, stopped and talked to my kitty corner neighbor, who is an 81 year old Southern lady who I can't believe I haven't gotten to know sooner. She is a HOOT. She lives alone (though her daughter lives nearby) and bought her house when it was new. It has a pool, and she insisted that we come and try it out. Ellie was happy to oblige her by skinny dipping while Miss Mary and I chatted. I foresee more visits this summer.

So when we got home it was time for a bath, of course. Afterwards, I was combing Ellie's hair, and as she sometimes does when I'm fixing her up, she asked for a boinger. I told her that I could try doing TWO boingers, and she was very excited about this possibility.

Folks, I am absolutely dying over here. When did she get so big? The pigtails instantly transformed her from a baby into a little girl. I don't know that I'm quite ready for it.

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