Saturday, May 12, 2012

Love and Baskebtball

This morning Sara and the Hawks basketball team had the regional games in Irvine. Her first game was at 10, which was perfect timing for Itty Bitty and I to attend.

For reference, at Sara's last basketball tournament:

She did not watch much of the action, as you can see.

This time, she was all about basketball. She happily sat in Gigi's lap through the first game, yelling variations of "Sara" "ball" and "swish." It was absolutely adorable.

In between games we ran around outside, got a sticker from the police officers, walked by the pool and were generally the cutest girl ever.

When it got hot outside, she contented herself with crawling up and down the bleachers.

We sadly did not get any pictures of E and Auntie Sara together, because she only made it halfway through the second game. Then the meltdown began, and so I strapped her to my back and headed back to the car. She was asleep within seconds once we got to her room!

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