Wednesday, May 9, 2012

People Let me Tell you 'Bout my Best Friend.

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend
She's a warm hearted person who will love me til the end

Cause she's my best friend
Yeah my best friend
 (Ellie and Lexi, post music-class.)

It's been a busy 24 hours. Today we had Mimi join us at music class, which was very fun, even if E was being a stinker and refusing to sit in Mimi's lap. Mimi did get to experience first hand how Ellie loves the songs, even if she sits the entire time being wide eyed and frightened looking (though that's not totally true, she was very interested in getting up and drumming.) We had some coffee and a lovely lunch date, and then there was some book reading before Ellie went down for a nap.

I am about to take me a nap too - we were up late and then up again early because Thor spent the night at the emergency vet. We came home from Taco Tuesday last night to find piles of barf in the house, and Thor laying in the dining room panting and wailing and obviously in distress. So off to the vet we went (which only distressed him more.) At first they thought it might be a liver problem, but additional bloodwork revealed that his levels had normalled out. As far as the vet can guess, Thor may have been bitten or stung by something, and hence the sickness and the liver reaction. Thankfully though, it's nothing serious and we don't need to follow up. Thor still had to spend the night getting fluids and antibiotics, and I picked him up at 7am, smelling of the vet, and with a hot pink bandage covering where they'd shaved his leg for the IV. The vet and the nurses were incredibly nice to our sweet, stupid boy, but we're happy to have him back this morning. I am ESPECIALLY happy that even though he smelled weird, Lulu did not freak out on him (nor did he freak out on her.) Life is back to normal, except for Thor's weird shaved leg (and my sad pocketbook.) We did find out that his hips are showing signs of arthritis. He always seems like such a young cat man, but he's already 7, and fully into mid-life. He needs to get him a damn job!

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