Sunday, May 6, 2012

Balls and Babies.

We've had another fabulously busy weekend. Yesterday we played outside for a good portion of the day, both in our backyard, and at Gigi's house. Ellie's new favorite thing is balls, especially when she can chuck the ball down Gigi's driveway and then yell "no ball ball street! No street!" while one of us runs after the ball for her.

In response to this terrorist action, Gigi decided to pen Ellie in, like the small savage she is.

She is especially pleased when she gets to hold both balls in her fat little arms.

She also liked when her daddy helped her play "swish."

She did not enjoy when I tried  to take her picture with the flowers on the side yard. It must be like getting murdered. She also hates when Gigi tries to get her to call flowers by the proper name - she is all about calling them shells.

Today we had our friends Bob and Nancy over for lunch, with their baby Amelia, who is about two months old. She is just the sweetest little thing, and Nancy and Bob make great parents. Ellie was a little slow to warm up to the crowd (we had a couple more college friends over as well, and good ol' Jacob) but she loved "Baby Mie" from the start. I was holding Amelia so her parents could eat, and Ellie insisted she be held as well, so that she could take Amelia's hand. Looks like I am going to be a good mom of two someday.

 By the time everyone cleared out, E was desperately ready for a nap. I just wanted one quick picture of the boys with their girls, but Ellie wanted exactly NONE of it. Of course.

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