Friday, May 11, 2012

The Beans.

I hope you have enjoyed all of the photos lately - here's a little update as to what Beans is up to, lifewise.

-We continue with the swimming lessons, in preparation for an entire summer spent at Jeff Thiel's underwater academy. She has really calmed down in the water, after screaming during back float time all winter. Not quite to floating on her own, but close. She glad puts her face in the water to blow bubbles, and goes underwater happily and comes up with an enormous smile. She will also splash and kick on command.
-She has a memory like a steel trap, which means that she continues to bring up the fact that I spilled a soda on Sunday. No spill is beyond her purview, and she doesn't seem to comprehend that once everything is cleaned up, it's okay to let it go. Nope. All day long it's "mama agua kaboom!" or "baby La hat kaboom." 
-Is back to playing with her babies nonstop. Now she can fit three dolls in her arms, and so will carry them all around the house
-She's finally starting to count to three. A week ago, everything more than one was two, but now three is actually three. However, she will usually say two, and then I'll ask "how many babies?" and then it's three. Sometimes when we are counting, she'll count along with us, which is sort of unbelievable to me.
-She's also getting slightly better about sitting in her high chair for meals. Yogurt is still her favorite food, but she also loves fruit (strawberries and blackberries in particular) and some vegetables (edamame and peas are big favorites.) Chicken, turkey, cheese, all delicious to her, as is bread. She is very much my child. 
-Always picking up new words, and also, beginning to use words instead of sounds (example: for months she has called dogs "woof woofs." This morning on our walk, she was saying "puppy dog.")
-Adores her friends, Baby La, Baby Claire, Baby P, Baby Jax. She also has her friend Elizabeth, who she calls "Baby Issbith." But of course, if you ask Elizabeth Rosemarie her name, it's still Itty Bitty.

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