Saturday, May 19, 2012

Six Remaining.

Our little friend Ellie is cutting her two bottom canines and ornery as heck today. The good news is that once those babies are in, she only has six more teeth to go. I loathe baby teeth. I can't believe someday she'll want money in exchange for those pieces of junk. I am going to make HER give ME money.

We managed to keep her close to the edge of sanity today through lots of outdoor play. Can't stop to complain about your teeth if you're busy on the slide I guess.

And this morning we spent our time getting a little fresh air at the Pre-Eclampsia Foundation's Promise Walk. We were walking in memory of Fluff and Jasmin's son "Blue," who was born in 2010 at only 24 weeks because of Jasmin's pre-eclampsia. They did the Promise Walk last year too, and said it was a nice way to celebrate their son's life and raise awareness about pre-eclampsia. Sadly though, they weren't able to join us because their baby Lucas has been in and out of the hospital since he was born, with digestive issues. He was having intestinal surgery today, and thankfully has been given a good prognosis. The little sweetheart is a fighter, and I know he's got his brother keeping an eye on him. Tim and I are hoping to see them and keep Lucas company in the hospital later this week.

But today, we were happy to walk in Blue's honor, along with Fluff's best friend Alfredo, his wife Denise and his sister and nephew. We were a small but mighty team! And as you can see, Ellie was fussing about her mouth (and her desire to swim in the fountain behind us.)

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