Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mudders Day, You Mudder.

I personally, have had a lovely day, and I can only hope the main mamas in my life have had one as well. We started the day going for a walk with Gigi down to the ocean. Originally, we decided NOT to bring E's bathing suit and a towel, figuring it was too cloudy and cold to let her run around in the water. But then we got there, and we couldn't resist, but we had to make sure she didn't get soaked, because we didn't have any supplies for cleaning her up (or even a second diaper.) She spent the rest of our walk home talking about the ocean, the shells, and the rock she threw. She and Gigi are now prepared to have a fabulous summer at the beach.

Afterwards, we went back to Gigi's, did some beading, petted some cats, and then I took Elizabeth home for a nap, got cleaned up, and then Sara and I took mom out to the Hat for a delicious pastrami sandwich and onion rings. I was amazed at how quiet the place was - don't people love their moms! Moms love pastrami! I mean, I am a mom. I love pastrami.

We got to take a few cute pictures with everyone when we got back to the house.

And then it was off to Mimi and Pa's house for more mothering fun! We had a trip on the duffy boat, where Ellie saw plenty of ducks and even a few puppy dogs riding on boats.

Tim and Jake and I picked up sushi for dinner, which we all enjoyed, along with a shortcake made by Tim himself! And then after a bath, Ellie helped Mimi open her special mail mail (Ellie LOVED being on special mail mail duty today, distributing cards.)

Beans refused to fall asleep on the way home, despite being exhausted. But she could not resist the power of some snuggling with mom, and so this is how my Mother's Day ended - absolutely perfectly.

I feel so lucky today, to have a beautiful, healthy, perfect little girl, a wonderful mama and a great mother in law who both live within a half hour's drive, a Grandma Rosie who we skype with on a frequent basis, and an Auntie Sara who would do anything for her little girl. All these ladies, big and little, make it wonderful to be a mommy (and Tim's not too bad too.)

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