Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Year and a Half

Ellie is 18 months today! Unbelievable and wonderful.

At 18 months she is:
  • 24.5 pounds (50th percentile)
  • 90th percentile for head circumference (no surprise there)
  • 33.25 inches tall, a jump of three entire inches in the three months since her last check up. In the 90th percentile for height, she is perhaps activating some of her father's beanpole genes.
  • In love with babies and bunnies. From stuffed animals to dolls to photos of the aforementioned, she is constantly asking for babies or hop hops.
  • She will eat as much yogurt as you give her - I try to cut her off after the third one for the day. She also loves soup (and telling you that it's hot) and having turkey parties with Rocky. She enjoys shoving fruit in her piehole, and at our favorite sushi restaurant, yells for beans (edamame.)
  • Likes to dance and loves music - she was very enthused with our return to music class yesterday
  • Wants nothing more than for all the cats and dogs in the world to love her - too bad she is usually less than gentle, and has been caught several times trying to pet Lulu while Lulu is doing her business (Lulu continues to be on the cat prozac for just such occasions.)
  • Talks up a storm. It was actually sort of funny at the doctor's yesterday when the doc mentioned that Ellie should start putting two words together "soon." Like... baby hummingbird agua? Does that count?
  • Is a fearless little adventurer at the park (as shown in her troll behavior.) She wants to climb all the stairs, go down all the slides and play with everything.
  • Is being on having Tim and I go "nigh nigh" and lay down on the floor so that she can come, lay on us and smother us with hugs and kisses
  • She also likes for us to eat a bite of what she's eating. She'll go "dada mmm?" and then of course, after we get a single bite, it's back to "baby mmm?"
  • She is the best ever.

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