Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Two Loves.

We didn't have music yesterday, so instead we met up with our friends Kristen and Lexi and went to the petting zoo. I'd gotten a great deal on Groupon (20 admissions for $36!) so we are all about going to pet hop hops when the opportunity presents itself. We got there right as it opened, which meant that the rabbits were actually half interested in seeing the kids (and their food) and so there was a lot of nice petting going on. And unlike her first trip, where Ellie shoved the rabbit out of her lap, this time she was asking to sit on the bench and hold one (side note: she actually LOVES to hold things now, and ask permission to hold yogurt, bananas, toys... except she says it like "hole-wit")

We also took our ladies to lunch, where they ate rice and beans and sat happily in their high chairs next to one another.

Then she was a fart the rest of the day, pretty much. When she goes off the rails with exhaustion she is just a mean, horrible little girl. Slapping me, biting me, hitting Petunia. And it's frustrating because at this age I can only redirect, continue to tell her that her behavior is unacceptable, remove her from the situation... when really I want to just send her to her room and let her be a jerk to her stuffed animals. UGH. Poor overtired little jerk/muffin.

Thankfully, as you can see, she was happy to snuggle with her daddy and read some books before bed. Everyone had a better night of sleep, so today can only be a better day!

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