Friday, April 27, 2012

Top Three.

Favorite moments of my day:

1. Ellie's delight at the playground. From the minute she realizes where we're going, she is as happy as happy can be, and will talk about all the sliding and the swinging and the playing she did for the rest of the day. Today she figured out how to climb up one of the little slides, and was mightily pleased with her small self.

2. Having Ellie ask to hold my hand, and then clutch my finger in her little palm as she drags me off to show me something that excites her in this big, amazing world.

3. Rocking her and singing our goodnight lullaby with her curly haired head tucked on my shoulder... until she decided she needed to lean back and give me a big smooch on the mouth before going back to snuggling. I love that girl.

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