Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Night Night.

Getting Ellie down for a nap or bedtime is getting to be much less of a struggle these days, though she still doesn't go down awake and then "self-soothe," in the parlance of sleep training. We're okay with it, because for one, her naps are easier on me, and for two, snuggling with Tim at night is some of their best quality time together.

He reports that on the nights that she doesn't fall asleep while nursing, she likes to take some time to say goodnight to everyone in her life. Tim reports that the people and things she says goodnight to include the following: mama, dada, Lulu, Thor, Rocky, Petunia, Mimi, Paw, Gigi, Grizz, Jake, Sara and yogurt. And while yogurt is last on my list, it sometimes comes before her family members when she's saying her nigh-nighs, depending on how her day has gone. Fair enough, I guess (but easy for me to say, as I'm apparently always the first night night!)

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