Monday, April 16, 2012

Friends and Family.

We had a lovely couple of days lately with our families. Yesterday Tim and I went out on a movie and dinner date, and Ellie hung out with Mimi and Pa, and had a blast - they went and fed the ducks, they rode around the lake, and they used her fancy stroller to take her to the park for lots of swinging and sliding. When we got back from dinner she was fresh out the bath and happy as a clam. We're so lucky to have such wonderful baby sitters so close by.

Today, after a 6am wake up time and a mere 45 minutes of napping in the afternoon, we went over to Gigi and Grizz's. Played in the yard, went to the park and got real dirty, took a mid-afternoon bath, and then Ellie asked for milk and 'nigh nigh' and who am I to deny a cranky baby a late afternoon nap? It was good that she freshened up, because Sara had her "Mock Rock" night with Lighthouse, and we wanted to join. Ellie was so cute - she stood in her Grizz's lap and hollered with joy for her Auntie Sara up on stage and then happily wandered between family members and friends around. We are such lucky girls.

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