Sunday, April 8, 2012

Eggstravaganza (Parts I & II)

Part I - Easter Egg hunt at Gigi and Grizz's, organized by Easter Bunny Sara

Setting off, delightedly

I know this is kind of washed out, but she's got four eggs clutched in her little mitts.

Her favorite part was the snack part

With the Easter Bunny

Part II - Easter Morning

This morning I was pretty sure she'd pass her basket by, as we're still nursing in the mornings and that's her primary focus when she wakes up. But I pointed out her basket to her and she went NUTS for her bubble gun, and we had to immediately put it together and go out on the patio.

Suffice to say, it was a hit. As was her bunny sip cup, which came along on our morning walk. And we caught her carrying around her chocolate bunny from the Sweet Shop. Tough nuggets kid - no chocolate bunny until I'm ready to "help" you eat it.

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