Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Nature Walk!

Lulu is obsessed with getting into the nursery - when we got everything set up lo those many years ago, she started sleeping on the changing table, staring out into the yard, guarding the house. We've kept the door closed since Ellie was born, not so much because I worry about the cats hurting her, but baby sleep is a precious thing- I don't need her woken up at night by the cats climbing onto her bed or meowing at her. So Lulu likes to scoot in every chance she gets - normally after naps and during diaper changes. She tries to return to her perch, and then Ellie demands to sit with Lulu. It's about the only time Lulu consents to having the baby touch her. 

Ellie has really been enjoying this Chick book lately - it's a pop up book about a baby chick hatching from his egg, eating, peeping, snuggling with his mommy. She calls it the "peep peep" book, and has been remarkably gentle with it (usually pop up books are destroyed within minutes.) Well, today on our walk we got to see some baby peep peeps, and she went nuts. They were so cute!

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